Strengthening Juvenile Justice Systems in the counter-terrorism context

Community of practice

R2PRIS Methodological Framework

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R2PRIS Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons (2015-1-PT01-KA204-013062) project

This report was developed by the partnership of R2PRIS Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons (2015-1-PT01-KA204-013062) project with the aim of presenting its first deliverable: the R2PRIS Methodological Framework. Led by West University of Timisoara, the output was achieved through four tasks, namely (i) a state of the art analysis on violent extremism and radicalisation within prisons, (ii) a collection of approaches, lessons learned and practices on tackling the phenomena, (iii) the development of a methodological framework for analysing deradicalisation strategies within prison and (iv) the establishment of a panel of experts in the field.